We are lucky here at Established By Her and we know it! Working in a creative industry gives us the opportunity to meet a wide range of individuals and businesses. It’s part of the job. Clients, like Step Up Speech & Language, walk into our offices with a variety of digital marketing needs and we find the solutions. No two days are the same and no two clients are either. Being of service to others puts us in a wonderful position and we feel it’s important to do our part in connecting Plymouth businesses in anyway we can.

You just never know who might need to connect with a service or business that we have come into contact with.

So today we would like to introduce you to one of our amazing clients, Lisa, from Step Up Speech and Language. We asked Lisa some questions about her business and services we were able to provide for her.

private speech therapy for toddlers in Plymouth Devon

What is Step Up Speech and Language?

Step Up is here to help children to communicate successfully and engage with learning. I work with children, and the adults who support them, to speak clearly and confidently and build their confidence to communicate.

What services do you provide?

We assess children’s speech, language and social skills and identify goals to help them make progress. Our advice gives parents and class staff the skills to bring out the best in children. It’s also about having fun and creating engaging therapy sessions for children with a range of communication difficulties. 

It’s really important to support children with a range of communication needs – this can include speech clarity difficulties, and difficulties with speaking such as stammering and selective mutism. We also help children with language delay to speak in age-appropriate sentences and we offer an autism prediagnostic service to help parents get the help they need if they are concerned their child might have autism.

Lisa Taylor-Jones private speech and language therapy Plymouth Devon

How long have you worked in this profession?

I’ve been a speech and language therapist for over five years, but I worked as a teacher and other educational settings for over twenty years. So I’ve seen first hand the impact of communication difficulties on children’s learning and social development. This has been a great motivator. I use that knowledge to find out where children should be in their learning and use my skills as a therapist to get them there quickly!

Who is your ideal client and what challenges do they currently face? 

Parents who contact Step Up Speech and Language are often desperate for help due to the long waiting lists with the NHS. In fact, I often get told they wish they’d found me sooner! It’s so nice to hear that relief in a parent’s voice when they know they are going to get the help they need for their child when they need it. And it’s just lovely to get all that fantastic feedback from parents after their children have overcome their communication difficulties and speaking confidently!

private speech therapy for toddlers in Plymouth Devon

What prompted you to have a commercial brand photography session?

I am most comfortable devising therapy sessions to bring out the best in children. In running my own therapy service, I’ve had a lot to learn about marketing and have had to put myself out there – I’ve always felt uncomfortable being in front of the camera, and I still feel a little unsure about it! It’s odd because most parents who talk with me can see I’m really friendly and approachable so I was hoping a session with Amber could bring out that part of me with her camera!

If you could offer two tips for anyone planning on a brand photography session, what would they be?

I would say trust in Amber and follow her advice. It’s easy to feel self conscious – but it’s not really about me and how I look, it’s about getting the message out to parents that there is help out there for their children. So remember your message too!

What impact has the photos had on your marketing strategy and business growth?

We will use these photos in our new promotional leaflets that are currently being prepared. They’ve also been useful for our professional ID tags.

How should parents contact you?

If you have any questions please head over to Lisa’s Website or Facebook page and I’d be happy to help.

We hope this information helps, and feel free to share the blog with any parents or businesses you know who might need to read it.

If you have any questions, or maybe you’re a business that wants to discuss our commercial photography packages any of our bespoke digital marketing packages, contact us today. And if you have any ideas or thoughts on how we could continue connecting Plymouth businesses please let us know.

Connecting Plymouth Businesses

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