Amber Leach is an award-winning, critically acclaimed wedding photographer, marketing and PR consultant, entrepreneur, and business coach. She has been featured widely in the media, BBC Spotlight, Huff-post, The Guardian, and has been published in over 40 broadsheets, international magazines and blogs.

She is one of the leading female photographers within the UK and won the award ‘Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers’ in both 2019 and 2020 and has captured over 300 weddings across five continents of the world.

Before working as a photographer, Amber had a successful career as a marketing and PR professional within the arts, music, and education sectors for 10 years. Amber is also self-taught and launched her business against the backdrop of being a single mum. 

2020 brought a number of challenges into the world and Amber’s businesses, but her resourceful nature and eight years of successful business ownership, brought her back to helping clients reach their designated income goals and growing their business through a series of tried and tested online marketing and social media strategy online courses and 1-2-1 coaching programmes.

And Established By Her was born.

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Admin queen and awesome office manager!

Leanne is a superstar and has worked with Amber for almost 5 years and had played a huge part in Amber's business growth and success! Mainly by being the best PA in the world!
Leanne loves coffee, chocolate, and being super organised!



Our very own published author and copywriting extraordinaire! 

He’s new to Plymouth and needed a flexible working position due to his parenting responsibilities. We offered him the chance to work from home but he said “No thanks, I’ll end up emptying the dishwasher and doing the ironing.” Adam likes wine, getting the kids to bed early, and wine. 

Keeping hold of amazing talent is hard work because they are in such high demand. Ellie is
part of our commercial photography and videography team, and she’s been an outstanding member of the team for five years now. Ellie has an eye for detail, you might call her a perfectionist, and has captured many events and businesses across the UK.

When she’s not producing excellent commercial photography and video Ellie loves nothing more than to spend time dancing with friends and sometimes kicking them too. (She’s a keen martial artist.) She classes herself as a cat person, 100%. Loves geeking out on all things techy and in another life, she would probably have been a mathematician. We’re glad she chose photography instead!

Jesse is the newest member of our team and brings an abundance of experience with him.
As a business consultant specialising in leadership and business operations, you can be assured that when your business requires a change in direction, Jesse is the right man for the job.
Time and time again he has produced fantastic results. Most notably at the award-winning Gold Tourist attraction, Pennywell Farm, where his contribution to the restructuring of internal processes, the introduction of a growth mindset and the development of an effective
teamwork culture, led Pennywell to achieve a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018, Best Visitor Attraction 2018 Gold Award, and Social Responsibility and Sustainable Tourism Silver Award 2018.

Aaron is the newest videographer and editor to join the team.

How can we describe his role… all things multimedia! Aaron quickly established himself as a vital member of the team. His knowledge of all things multimedia has been invaluable for us and I can’t wait to see what he achieves with a client portfolio.

He loves all things music, the night, his puppy, and working quietly without us forcing cake onto his lap



Amber is a social media marketing specialist, business coach, and award winning photographer.

With 15 years of marketing & PR experience across a wide range of industries.

Amber loves CAKE, strategy and sea swimming!



Meet the team

Amber hand-picked her creative team because of the qualities they possess. Designed to compliment her own.
Having an experienced team from a multitude of different industries; the charity sector, publishing, education and hospitality, provides Established By Her with the right combination of knowledge and expertise to deliver your success.

Our passion for working with people has brought start-ups and social enterprises to our offices in Plymouth. We welcome any kind of business because we're equipped to understand your unique requirements and develop a strategy and implement it on your behalf. 

We understand the challenges you face and feel equipped to stand by your side while you take your business forward.

We shine a light on your business with bespoke digital marketing strategies, targeted SEO, and by telling your story through well crafted written content, eye catching graphics, and of course, beautiful brand photography and videography. 

And once this new aspect of your business has been Established By Her, we can help you continue to grow and evolve within the digital marketing sphere by offering your team an in-house training package, so you can be assured your social media marketing and copywriting needs remain at a high standard going forward. And of course, we’ll always be here if you need us again.