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I’d like to introduce you to The Rise Up Academy and share a little bit about their commercial photography experience here at Established By Her. When developing a new business or pushing an existing one to a higher level, it’s likely you’ll have a long list of priority jobs to complete. I wonder, where is commercial photography on that list?

Virtual Conversation: Ideal Client

It can feel like everything on your to-do list involves spending money! This is frustrating. But if you’re seriously looking to invest in yourself, I’m sure you will have a marketing strategy in place? And that strategy should include understanding any changes in the needs of your ideal clients. You can do this by having a virtual conversation with your ideal client. (Put yourself in their shoes.) Research and reflect on their customer journey to ensure you’re still meeting their individual needs. Generate new ways to connect with them and build your online community.

30 Day Blogging and Social Media Plan

It might seem like a daunting task but creating a 30-day blogging and social media plan is essential. This doesn’t mean sitting down and writing 30 days’ worth of content! That would be difficult and time-consuming. You will need to generate some content ideas that align with your business values and the needs of your ideal client. Your new customers are out there looking to connect with you. They just need to find you!

Website Copy and Promotional Materials

With this fresh approach, it’ll be necessary to update and revitalise all of your website copy and promotional materials. The copy needs to reflect your new direction and this is why commercial photography is so important. Your images are going to be the first thing your customers see and they must tell their own story. But don’t take my word for it, Erika and Marianna from The Rise Up Academy tell us about their experience.

What is The Rise Up Academy?

The RiseUp Academy teaches hypnotherapists how to get fully booked with high ticket clients and scale their business so they can create exciting income, impact and freedom.

What services do you provide?

We run a group coaching and mentoring program that takes hypnotherapists through, step by step, how to attract worldwide clients with ease and flow. We teach business strategies that work so well for the industry as well as help cultivate a mindset for success! 

Who is your ideal client?

Female hypnotherapists who want to work online and work smarter not harder.

What prompted you to have a commercial brand photography session?

We wanted to have professional photographs of us on our social media, rather than stock images or selfies.

Did you have any concerns before the shoot and if so, how were they managed on the shoot?

We weren’t too sure how we should pose and if we would feel comfortable. Our photographer really helped with both of these concerns and we just ended up having a really fun time!

What previous experience of commercial photography did you already have before booking your shoot?


Is there anything you would do differently next time?

I think next time we would love to have professional hair and makeup – to complete the whole experience.

If you could offer two tips for anyone planning on a brand photography session, what would they be?

Create a Pinterest board of your ideal shots and share this with your photographer. Think about your brand values and how you can communicate these through your images.

Where have you used the photos?

Everywhere!! We use them every other day on Instagram! We used them in our free guide for hypnotherapists as well as our landing pages and website.

What impact has the photos had on your marketing strategy and business growth?

It has made our business so much more professional and given us much more credibility. Since the photoshoot last July our business has quantum leaped! We regularly exceed our monthly income goals and we are serving so many wonderful hypnotherapists.

Anything else?

Just to say thank you so much! It was such a pleasure working with you and we would definitely come back!

Head over to their INSTAGRAM and WEBSITE and check out the results for yourself. And if you have any questions about all things digital marketing or commercial brand photography, please contact us today.

The Rise Up Academy Photoshoot

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