We specialise in telling your story through well crafted written content, creative graphics, innovative websites, beautiful brand photography and videography.

We help you reach your marketing goals by shining a light on your business with organic digital marketing strategies, SEO, and engaging content.

We also have a training school to teach your team if you prefer to carry out your social media marketing or copywriting in house.

You've got to put in the time and effort to prove yourself, make connections and build a good reputation.

We can do that for you, so you can focus on what you do best!


Our vision is to help your business succeed.

Amber wanted to understand why digital growth continued to be difficult for those clients while the other 80% had experienced clear and sustained success. 

The answer was simple.


These hard working people were often time poor. They struggled to implement the new but essential strategies required to stay ahead of the competition because they were already doing so much. Amber’s clients loved their businesses and all the work-related stress that accompanied it, but the thought of adding further responsibility on top of their already jam-packed work schedule became a daunting task. One they chose not to pursue. 

Understanding this feedback from clients was a light bulb moment for Amber. Knowledge was not enough. The 20% required more than coaching, more than strategies. These business owners, from new creative startups to luxury wedding planners, each on the cusp of growth, needed a short term partnership. One able to understand the unique challenges their businesses faced going forward in the digital age and how to implement those changes. 
Does this sound familiar? You've come to the right place. 

Established By Her relinquishes you of that responsibility by creating, developing and implementing marketing and branding tools designed uniquely for you. There are several plans available but the most important thing right now is understanding your needs? How can we help you?

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Established By Her was created by Amber Leach in 2021. She recognised that 20% of her coaching clients were not implementing the knowledge gained on her courses into their marketing strategies.

Was this because of the course materials?

Was it Amber’s teaching methods?

Why was this happening?

Her Journey