The Maker’s Story

When you shop online do you research the company providing the products? You might say yes. As a society we have become more conscious about our carbon footprint, and the origin of our purchases. But realistically, on a whole, we seek out the desired product on our phones, while completing several other jobs like putting the kids to bed, we check out the reviews, then buy.

We don’t need to have a personal relationship with the seller because the transaction is simple. There’s not much more to communicate between us once we own the product unless returning it. And even then it’s resolved with a few clicks of a button.

I’m more than happy with that, how about you?

But wait a minute!

How about when we require something a bit special? A personalised gift of some sort? We might seek out bespoke products from a local maker’s market or visit an independent shop on the highstreet that is filled with interesting things, showcasing local talent. The price range for products are usually slightly higher than average but for a gift, we invest in the maker’s stories because it reveals an aspect of their personality. It’s personal. We want the recipient of the gift to know that the person who created it cared. It represents the effort we put into choosing it.

This adds value to your purchase.

Not all purchases are objects of course. At Established By Her we deliver digital social media packages you will never physically unwrap. But you will still receive something extremely personal and unique that could never be repurposed for another client. And in-order to do our job we need to know who you are. What motivates you to succeed? What plans do you have for the future of your business? How do you currently connect with your customers?

Our relationship must work both ways. You’re more than a client and we’re more than a product provider. And it only makes sense that you know who we are too. What motivates us to make your business succeed? What plans do we have for your business’s future? How will we connect you directly with your customers and generate new opportunities?

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Adding Value to your Purchase

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