There is no way to escape the use of terminology within the digital marketing world. Even saying the words “digital marketing” may produce an involuntary eye roll in many of you. I’m sorry about that. There are so many different services on offer that require a name. And when these services are put together, they become a strategy.

And strategy is key to growth.

It would be helpful to familiarise yourself with the term digital marketing, and the services and their meanings, as you develop your online presence. After a while you will understand that many of these terms have very simple meanings. Acronyms on the other hand I find very annoying, so I will endeavor to keep well away from them!

Let’s start with a basic service that actually adds massive value.

A Personal Brand Photo Shoot.

Firstly, why pay for something that you could do yourself, using an iphone and a helping hand? Of course you can do this. There’s nothing stopping you. Grab your phone, whatever it is, take some images and upload them today. I will always say this, done is better than perfect.

But it’s not a Personal Brand Photo Shoot and there’s a massive difference between a DIY shoot and a professional one. With this service you get much more than a few headshots or some perfectly placed product images. It’s an opportunity to showcase YOU. The phrase an image tells a thousand words comes to mind. With the right images, you can grab the attention of a potential customer and bring them into your content – where they will hopefully dig a little deeper and explore your products and services. Is this something you have experience with?

With Established By Her you get an award-winning, critically acclaimed wedding photographer who has been featured widely in the media, BBC Spotlight, Huffpost, The Guardian, to name a few and has been published in over 40 broadsheets, international magazines and blogs.

Amber understands how to bridge that emotional connection between YOU and your potential customers through engaging images that tell your story. As an example, this can be translated through a “behind the scenes” shoot. Whether that’s in your office, studio, on a countryside walk, or in a hired space that represents your brand and showcases your personality.

When done correctly, a Personal Brand Photo Shoot offers an insight into your lifestyle and creative process. It invites potential clients into your world and suggests subtly: Welcome. We share similar values. Come work with us. We don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and understanding your value cannot be overstated enough. You’re your brand. You have built your business by being you. This isn’t just a job for you, it’s a passion.

Now here’s your next bit of terminology to research, SEO. Search Engine Optimisation. Is your website optimised for SEO? Do you have any idea what it means in relation to your online content? We will share a blog about this soon, and we will post about other . But until then, spend a few minutes researching what it means and how understanding its power will promote further engagement to your online presence. 

Demystifying Terminology!

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