CLOSED - Plymouth Selfie Wall Project Competition 2022

On the 1st March 2022, I will be launching the Plymouth Selfie Wall Project. This is an amazing opportunity for all aspiring female artists from Plymouth to have their work displayed throughout the city, locations will include Plymouth High Street Heritage Action Zone and also the Plymouth Sound National Marine Park

Did I say “Aspiring female artists?” Yes I did, but let me clarify what that means. You don’t need to have had any previous art experience. Have you attended art college? Great but not essential. Previous work displayed somewhere? That’s amazing but for the Plymouth Selfie Wall Project, all-female applicants are welcome to apply. Young or old. Whatever your ability or experience, this is an opportunity for all the women and young females of Plymouth. 

The best thing about this project, apart from showcasing the undiscovered talent of Plymouth, is that our panel of judges will be choosing 8 winners to have their work displayed throughout the city. This provides you with a very high possibility of success so do you really have an excuse not to apply? I don’t think so! 

I have a very exciting announcement to make! 

Calling Female Creatives of Plymouth

"I would love this to be the start of a bigger wave of public art here in our city. Something that is talked about - shared and loved by the people of Plymouth and explored by tourists. Let’s put Plymouth on the map for it's creativity!"
-Amber Leach-

• 1st March 2022 - Competition launch date
• 25th March 2022 - Deadline for entries
• 28th March 2022 - Judges panel
• 29th - 31st March - Winners announced
• 1st May 2022 - Project completion deadline

It is a designated wall in a public space where people can take selfies, have fun with friends then share them on social media. Or keep them private of course. It’s a growing trend throughout the world and you could be part of bringing this fantastic project to Plymouth. Check out the infamous Instagrammable walls of LA and see just how popular this has become. 

“What is a selfie wall?”

Project Timeline

"Of the 3,050 galleries in the Artsy database, 10% represent not a single woman artist."

  1. Plymouth Life - what does Plymouth mean to you (artists interpretation)
  2. Rise again (artists interpretation)
  3. The Ocean (artists interpretation)
  4. Open entry (something that will bring joy to the people of Plymouth)
  5. Plymouth’s Heritage - powerful women past and present
  6. Your favourite quote - typography/calligraphy-based design

That’s the amazing thing about art isn’t it? It’s completely subjective and it means something completely different to most of us but essentially, your piece can be a simple drawing created with a pencil or it can be a bright and busy collage. But please keep in mind it needs to be a 2D piece that can be replicated and placed onto a wall. So no sculptures. Sorry! 

I’m a big believer in female empowerment and equality for female photographers, artists and creatives. And as a professional photographer and entrepreneur, I regularly come into contact with extremely talented, but undiscovered talent. This project is for you! Art should be accessible for all and women are seriously underrepresented in creative industries. 

Moving in the right direction but can more be accomplished? Absolutely!

Female talent in Plymouth needs to be recognised, celebrated and showcased for the world to see. Our stories need to be told and the Plymouth Selfie Wall Project could be the beginning of something amazing for you and your undiscovered talent. 

This is for everyone. I just wanted to make it clear to everyone that all are welcome. With up to 7 winners to be announced, this competition is going to be judged fairly and without bias with a focus on each submission and its related category. 

So come on ladies, come and be a part of something amazing! 

Here are the categories for the project:

“What materials will I need?”

“Can professional artists apply as well?”

To help channel your artistic skills

"Only 29% of the winners of the Turner Prize, one of the best-known visual art awards,
have been women"

  1. Plymouth Life - what does Plymouth mean to you (artists interpretation)
    When you’ve been away for a while, where’s the first place you go? What building, monument or place makes you feel welcome? Where do you work? Is there a person you believe typifies Plymouth? When you think back to your childhood, where did you play with your friends? What precious memories do you have from summer times on the Hoe? What does Plymouth Life mean to you? What does it mean to be a woman of Plymouth?

  2. Rise again (artists interpretation)
    What could possibly rise again from Plymouth, the Ocean City? Does it need to be an object? Do cities rise again after the destruction of war? Do people rise again after overcoming adversity? Do groups of people have their moment to rise again? What women past or present have risen again?

  3. The Ocean (artists interpretation)
    When you stand on the Hoe on a summers evening, what do you see? Have you sat in the National Marine Aquarium and just watched? Are you a wild swimmer? Are you scared of the vastness of the ocean? The unknown? Do you know what lies on the bottom of the ocean floor right here on the Breakwater?

  4. Open entry (something that will bring joy to the people of Plymouth)
    What will bring joy to the people of Plymouth and those who visit? Is there an image, design or phrase that will affect someone positively? Can you produce something a visitor will never forget? Can you create an everlasting memory? What will it be?

  5. Plymouth’s Heritage - powerful women past and present
    Do you have a connection to the Navy? Which influential women from Plymouth have become role models for you, past or present? Who should we all know about but don’t? Which buildings tell a unique story? What do the people of Plymouth do best? What does heritage mean to you?

  6. Your favourite quote - typography/calligraphy-based design
    Is there a motivational quote that guides you through life? What advice can you share with the world? Can you bring comfort to those in need? Can you breathe new light into an old saying? 


  1. Choose one of the six categories.
  2. Create or find your favourite artwork that you feel represents your chosen categories.
  3. It can be a drawing, painting, graphic design, illustration etc any art medium as long as it is 2D and can be replicated (through hand painting) it onto a larger flat wall / hoarding board you can enter it.
  4. It must be a SIMPLE artwork that can easily be replicated onto a larger wall.
  5. Take a photo of your art work or digitise your artwork.
  6. Submit up to six entries allowed per person using the online form and email.
  7. The same artwork can be entered into different categories if you feel it is relevant.
  8. Judges will choose the best 8 entries to be replicated on the chosen walls and / hoarding boards across the city of Plymouth.
  9. The judging panel will be judging anonymously.
  10. Judges are not allowed to enter the competition.
  11. Submit by the deadline Midnight 25th March 2022.
  12. There is no cost for submission.
  13. There will be awards for the best judged artworks - up to £500* commission per image. The commission includes up to *£250 for the design plus up to *£250 for execution on the wall which is dependent on wall location, size and materials (you do not have to be able to paint the artwork on the wall to enter this competition).
  14. Winners announced 29th - 31st March 2022.
  15. Project completion deadline - images will be put onto the walls for the summer 2022.
  16. The work/entry must be your own work.
  17. You must be a female to enter.
  18. You must reside in the PL1 - PL9 area of Plymouth to enter.
  19. Winners will have to provide proof of address.
  20. You can be any age to apply.

  1. Enter using our online entry form.
  2. Send your artworks to this email address as a low resolution attachment.
  3. 'Please use your full name and image name and number as the subject header' in the subject line or the images will get lost.
  4. If you have any questions at all please contact Amber Leach via email

The event is organised by Amber Leach a local creative entrepreneur. Owner of award winning photography agency Liberty Pearl Photo & Film Collective and Established By Her Marketing.

If anyone has any ideas or questions about this project please contact Amber Leach via email

We look forward to seeing all of your entries!

Please join the NEW private members Facebook community which is an amazing source of encouragement, inspiration, friendship, giving back and opportunity for local female creatives.

How to enter 

Organisers & other information


Entry criteria & rules


Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City is home to the UK’s first National Marine Park. Plymouth Sound National Marine Park aims to improve access and engagement to natural and maritime heritage to ensure everyone can enjoy the significant benefits that being on, in, under or next to the sea provides.

Three winners will be chosen from competition entries to create three selfie sites across Plymouth’s waterfront as part of the drive to encourage more people to enjoy the waterfront and discover more about Plymouth Sound National Marine Park.

Plymouth Sound National Marine Park received funding from the UK Government’s UK Community Renewal Fund to deliver a range of activities with tourism businesses in the wider visitor economy that are engaged, or have the potential to engage with, the National Marine Park initiative.
Plymouth Sound National Marine Park 

The £95 million government-funded High Street Heritage Action Zone programme, delivered by Historic England, has been designed to unlock the potential of 60 high streets across England including the conservation area in Plymouth’s city centre which was adopted in July 2019.

High Street Sparks is part of a wider High Street Heritage Action Zone project managed by The Box, POP and Plymouth City Council.

Check out the new animated short film (running time 6 minutes) which offers a great insight into the heritage of Plymouth's city centre! 'Plymouth - City of the Future' has been created by Robin Holland at Saltash-based Carbon Pixel Limited for the High Street Heritage Action Zone Project.

Our Partners

High Street Heritage Action Zone

Plymouth Sound National Marine Park