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Do you work evenings? Weekends? Do you even know how many extra business hours you put in at the end of the week? Our clients all have one thing in common, they don’t have space for anything else in their schedule. These hard working people are so focused on what they do best, it’s almost impossible to invest time and energy into something like a social media strategy. So we do it for them. It’s a done for you service.

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Maintaining an Online Presence

Our clients understand how important a social media strategy is because they know, they 100% know, that maintaining an online presence is vital to their future business growth. But every cog in the wheel of their business already works at maximum capacity. They just can’t find the time to implement a new system into their working day. Some business owners do give it a try though. We hear many similar stories that often sound like this:

“I completed an online social media course. It was free so I thought why not. I did bits during the day but I mainly worked on it in the evening. I enjoyed it. Learnt a lot. I think I know the basics but the thought of starting from the beginning is a little bit overwhelming to be honest. I just don’t have the time to do it properly.”

If you’ve completed a digital marketing course and managed to integrate a strategy into your schedule and you’re maintaining an online presence, congratulations. You have done what many struggle to do. Our clients sometimes try really hard to do this but eventually, the weight of it all becomes a burden and the progress they make gets lost.

And as the online presence dwindles, so does their reach because the social media providers have no interest in part time content creators. We don’t make the rules, we just know how to follow them.

Blogging – Copywriting – Social Media Presence

Blogging – Copywriting – Social Media Presence: These are the three elements that need to be included within your on-going strategy. There are many different components within each one but let’s focus on copywriting for now.

Does this sound familiar, “We just did the basics.” A lot of small businesses either write the copy for their websites or hand the responsibility onto the website designer. Both of these options can supply you with the “basics” but is this the message you want to portray to your customers? Does it tell your story effectively? Does it promote your core values?

Quick answer… no.

Customers Don’t Want Jargon!

Your potential customers don’t want to read jargon or overused marketing terms. And it doesn’t have to be plain or boring either.

Here is some “Basic” copy supplied by a client that was used on their brochure and website:

About Us

LMG Projects are a Manchester-based building surveying company that specialise in all types of construction and fire protection works from the initial survey through to installation.
LMG Projects are a fully third-party accredited contractor providing Fire Protection Solutions across a range of sectors and services. Liam Gordon our MD heads up the company, supporting clients with the latest guidance and offering solutions to provide safe and compliant buildings.We work closely with all relevant parties to ensure works are completed, third party accredited and signed off. Using our fully qualified and highly trained operatives, we are able to work on difficult projects and live environments.

That is an example of basic copy. It serves a purpose but does it offer any extra insight into the company and its values as an organisation? Can we do better? This is what we supplied to our client which they now use on.

About Us

Manchester is the home of LMG Projects. Our journey began as building surveyors but demand for specialist construction expertise and the increasing need for fire protection works led to an expansion in many aspects of our business.

Our customers asked and we responded.

We take the lead in all areas of a project – from the initial survey through to installation.
LMG Projects are a fully Third-Party Accredited Contractor providing Fire Protection Solutions across a range of sectors and services. Click here for info on our latest projects.

Managing Director, Liam Gordon, is a proactive figure at the forefront of all things LMG Projects. With his personal approach to problem-solving, he supports clients by providing the latest guidance and up-to-date information your business needs to move forward with confidence. Problem-solving is nothing without solutions and you’ll find Liam and the LMG Projects team can provide what you need to produce safe and compliant buildings.

All projects require leadership and collaboration so we constantly strive to develop relationships with all relevant parties to ensure works are completed, third-party accredited, and signed off on time. Efficiency is essential. Being organised is standard practice.
Our operatives are fully qualified and highly trained. Retaining quality team members has been a fundamental part of our growth and continues to help us undertake difficult projects within live environments.

You tell me, which one is better? Which one best represents Liam Gordon and LMG Projects? We can take your original copy and quickly inject some personality into it. You don’t have to just accept the “Basics.” Your business deserves more.

Contact us today to find out more about our social media and copy writing services.

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